DUO-FLEX Sound Of Steel

01 Track 1.wma 01 Track 1.wma
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02 Track 2.wma 02 Track 2.wma
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05 Track 5.mp3

we Duo-Flex are a south Wales base steel pan group and we specialises in Caribbean style music and provide you totally true Caribbean experience. Here are some tracks you for down loading or for listening pleasure 

05 Track 5.wma 05 Track 5.wma
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04 Track 4.wma 04 Track 4.wma
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As a trio or duo we are just the size for restaurants, pubs and hotels functions,our set includes pa speakers system for volume moderation, microphones for steelpan amplification and mini disc player for backing tracks

We will travel to any location or round the globe with regards to the arrangements and agreements,to book the group, call us on +447429575855 or simply email us on


DUO-FLEX can provide carnival experience and offer steel pan music for any type of event, education workshops, presentations and steel pan instruments for events and occasions for your school, youth club or community purpose