DUO-FLEX Sound Of Steel

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DUO-FLEX Sound Of Steel

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DUO FLEX is a steel pan group which performs for functions and events primarily as a duo or trio group.

The family group is based in South Wales under the leadership of Hubert Placide who is originally from the Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia.

Hubert Placide who is more affectionately known as “Whada” is a music teacher by profession. Wahda has introduced steel pan music at schools in the Cardiff area and the environs of South Wales from 1991.

Besides being a full time teacher Wahda plays throughout Cardiff and Wales with his family. Besides performing with the group Wahda does the writing, arranging and adapting material both old and new for their performances.

Whada, his wife Lou and their daughter Nicole perform on a variety of highly tuned chromed melodic steel pans. The group also provides accompanying vocals which always have the audience joining in well known choruses.

In addition to the sound of the sweet Caribbean steel pan the group also provides a strong visual presentation.

To add to the flare of the group, colours of red, green and gold are predominantly used by the dreadlocked Rastafarian Wahda.

Duo Flex’s theme and performance is flavoured with a truly Caribbean experience.

The group provides their own PA system if one cannot be provided when engaged for any event.